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A forum for eminent Tasmanians to share their professional opinions on the harms and risks to individuals and society associated with removal of the legal prohibition on euthanasia and assisted suicide in Tasmania

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide poses a real risk to the vulnerable in our community. Real Dignity Tasmania is supported by eminent and professional Tasmanians who directly support the care for the dying in Tasmania. Watch the interviews, read the material and contact your local MP. | Read RDTs letters to MPs here || List of MPs to contact here

Featured videos
Euthanasia - a new pathway to Elder Abuse

Dr Jeremy Prichard, a lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Law, discusses the hidden nature of elder abuse and explores the issue of pressure that might be placed on the elderly to access euthanasia or assisted-suicide. (extended version here)

Euthanasia - lives worth living

Dr Kristi Giselsson, a Doctor in Philosophy and Honorary Research Associate at UTAS, argues that legalising euthanasia or assisted suicide would establish a dangerous principle that some lives are not worth living and that some humans do not have the same worth as other humans (extended version here)

Euthanasia - there are no safeguards

Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, Associate Dean and Head of Bioethics at the JP II Institute provides his view on why euthanasia legislation cannot be made safe. As a sufferer from chronic illness he explains that legalising euthanasia places a burden on certain groups of persons whose lives become conditional

Is the Discussion Paper up to standard?

The discussion paper relies largely on information from various 'thorough' reviews released in 2011 and 2012 in Canada and the UK. This video examines these reviews and asks the question whether these reviews meet the standards required by parliamentarians when considering legislative reform

Media releases
Academic Paper


Dr Paul Dunne, Spokesperson for REALdignitytas, 8 October 2013

Today two Tasmanian Academics, Ms Hannah Graham, Associate Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology and Dr Jeremy Prichard, Senior lecturer in criminal law released a comprehensive academic response to the information paper relied on by Premier Giddings and Minister McKim in their attempt to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia. | Read more...


Dr Nick Cooling

General Practitioner, 26 September 2013

"There is no system of legal euthanasia or assisted suicide that can protect our most vulnerable community members" said Dr Nick Cooling from REALdignitytas today. Any legislation that allows doctors to legally and intentionally kill or assist to kill their terminally ill patients on request is a monumental shift..." | Read more...


Dr Paul Dunne

Spokesperson for REALdignitytas, 29 April 2013

Dr Paul Dunne from REALdignitytas today rejected the conclusion of the Australia21 Report on voluntary euthanasia, that voluntary euthanasia occurs "not infrequently" in Australia. "That statement is simply incorrect" said Dr Dunne. "Many people promoting euthanasia, deliberately confuse euthanasia with current lawful medical practice..." | Read more...

Discussion paper

Dr Paul Dunne

Spokesperson for REALdignitytas, March 2013

Contributors to the REALdignitytas forum reject the Giddings/McKim proposal for "Voluntary Assisted Dying" as a recipe for abuse of the elderly and vulnerable. The Premier and the leader of the Greens have carefully constructed their proposal to avert criticism of assisted suicide/voluntary euthanasia per se... | Read more...

Interview compilation
Compilation of interviews
with eminent persons

Extracts of interviews with eminent Tasmanians - respected leaders in their fields of academia, medicine, law and social policy – opposed to the introduction of euthanasia or assisted-suicide in Tasmania


Viewpoints on euthanasia and assisted suicide from eminent Tasmanians